ROBIN Competition

Datasets, Ground Truths and Metrics
For the evaluation of
object recognition and image categorisation

EADS (dataset #4)

Object detection in aerial images produced by EADS.

8 bits grayscale png images.

Classification Tasks

IN : list of classes to research, test images with centered object.
OUT : class of centered object for each test images.

C1P, C2P, R1P : Discrimination of small planes, all planes, Rejection of big planes

Small_Transport_Plane business_jet_plane.png MiddleTransportplaneRearBoosters.png Big_Transport_plane.png

C1V, C2V, R1V : Discrimination of cars & vans, all vehicles, Rejection of long vehicles

car.png van.png truck.png longtruck.png truck2.png

Detection Tasks

IN : list of classes to research, test images.
OUT : list of detections (bounding boxes or point) for each image.

D1P, D2P, D3P : Detection of small planes, big planes, all planes

planes_miniscene1.png planes_miniscene2.png

D1V, D2V, D3V : Detection of small vehicles, long vehicles, all vehicles

small_vehicles_miniscene.png long_vehicles_miniscene.png

For more information about the dataset and the scenarii, please refer to this presentation.