ROBIN Competition

Datasets, Ground Truths and Metrics
For the evaluation of
object recognition and image categorisation

SAGEM (dataset #3)

Multi-class object detection produced by SAGEM.

Infra-red 16 bits tiff images. Also available in transformed 16 bits png images.

Classification Task

IN : list of classes to research, test images with list of bounding boxes.
OUT : detected class of object for each bounding box.

Discrimination of cars : peugeot 106, citroen xsara break, renault express.

peugeot_106.png renault_express.png
xara_break.png 3voitures.png

Detection Tasks

IN : list of classes to research, test images.
OUT : list of detections (bounding boxes or point) for each image.

Detection of vehicles

detect_vehicles1.png detect_vehicles2.png

Detection of people

detect_people1.png detect_people2.png

Detection of infrastructure elements

detect_amer1.png detect_amer2.png