ROBIN Competition

Datasets, Ground Truths and Metrics
For the evaluation of
object recognition and image categorisation

Getting the datasets

Easy Account Creation

If your research center has already signed and sent 2 specimens of the ROBIN's participation contract, you can easily create your own account (login and password) to access the datasets and evaluation plateform on this page.
Keep in mind that the datasets uses are restricted by the ROBIN's participation contract that your research center must have signed.

To get the datasets, the first step is to register your research center to the ROBIN COMPETITION as a participant. To do this, you have to fill this document (help for its completion can be found here in french, below in english), and send it signed in 2 specimens to the adresse below :

Frederic Jurie
Laboratoire GRAVIR - Projet LEAR
Unité de Recherche INRIA Rhône-Alpes,
Zirst - 655 avenue de l'Europe - Montbonnot
38334 Saint Ismier Cedex - France

Then you will be given a Login and a password to access the download section of the web site.

The informations required are informations about your research center :

  • Complete name of the establishment which the research team belongs to
  • Legal informations ( exemple for french : SARL / SA /Etablissement public à caractère Scientifique et Technologique /...)
  • Registration number at the commercial register, and the name of the commercial register
  • SIRET number, wich is a unique code used to identify french business. There might be no equivalent in other countries, as SIRET is a registered trademark.
  • Headquarter adress of your research center
  • Function of the legal representative that will sign the document
  • Name of the legal representative that will sign the document
This document contain the use conditions of the robin datasets :
  • By registering to the ROBIN COMPETITION you gain access to all the ROBIN datasets, but you also must submit results at least for one competition.
  • For each submitted result, a mesure of your perfomance will be given. Then, you have 15 days to inform us of your refusal to see your measurement published.
  • You are free to use the datasets for research purpose only, until 25 november 2009.